How to Buy

  1. Find product that you want. Browse all products under Roasted Bean and Green Bean menu at the top
  2. Click the Product Name or product image to view detail about the product.
  3. Click Add To cart button to add the product to your Shopping Cart. You can add more than one product into the Shopping Cart
  4. To view products that already in your Shopping Cart, you just can simply click Shopping cart image at the right top of the site or cart link at the top of the site
  5. After you make sure the Shopping Cart content, you can finalize you order and make a payment by clicking Checkout button.
  6. As a registered user, you can Login with your e-mail address and password.
  7. If this is your fist order, you must register and identify yourself to us. Your information is safe with us, so please give us the correct data to make sure your order came to your place correctly.
  8. Choose Delivery Method.
  9. Choose Payment Method.
  10. Then finally, Submit your order by clicking Order Now button.
  11. Your order will delivered to our Sales Department. Our sales department will calculate your order (products + Delivery Cost) then they will inform you the Total Amount that you should  transferred to our bank account.
  12. Order is made after payment's received. Please send the payment bill to our email at within 2 days.
  13. Shipping will be done at the third day after we receive the payment.